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Frequent questions

What is "Afiliados Wanabet"? 😃

It is the Affiliate Program of our house of bets, casino and online slot. And we seek to offer the best service to the affiliates and all our users.


Why register in "Afiliados Wanabet"? ⚽️🎰

Because you will earn money for each Client you register, makes deposit and place a bet through your Affiliate Website.

We will provide you with updated offers, the necessary Marketing tools and materials, so that you can get the maximum benefit of our affiliate program. Besides, we have staff dedicated to you, open to your needs and improvements, because our main interest is a WIN-WIN. 


Who can be part of our afilliate Wanabet program? ☝️

Our afilliate network is opened to everyone who wants to promote Wanabet brand.

*Each Affiliate will guarantee that the promotion of Wanabet will always be done for adults and will not violate any illegal content. Likewise, each member of the Wanabet affiliation program must guarantee that the material on its website does not infringe the rights of third parties (trademark, copyright and similar), nor does it promote violence, explicit sex or discrimination (based on race, sex, religion, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation, etc.)


How you can register in our program? 📋

It is really easy. You just have to full-out the singup form. During the next two weeks we will be in touch with you, if not please write us. 

To start the affiliation agreement, we need to add to the form some basic legal documents, which will be asked you by mail. But do not worry, it is simple and we look for a better transparency and benefit for both parties. 

Contact us ✉️

If you need more information, pleae do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by the phone 910 780 577.